Whether your combination product development and manufacturing needs entail leveraging our proprietary platform technology, seeking support to develop new technology, or looking for the right-fit partner to modify and optimize your existing technology, Meridian Medical Technologies brings together the ideal experts, leading engineers, and resources to produce best-in-class results.

Auto-injector pioneers with more than 60 years of combination product experience, Meridian has the expertise and the proven capability to help you create the highest quality solutions for your needs. Our sterile injection platforms are designed for ease of use, portability, durability, and reliability, and our innovative patented technologies are second to none.

Plus, our vertically integrated structure means you don’t need to have multiple vendors; we’ll manage the whole development and manufacturing process from start to finish. Need an a la carte service to help complete just a portion of the process? We can help with that, too.

Known and trusted by biopharmaceutical and medical device companies all over the world — as well as the countless patients and caregivers they serve — Meridian offers the highest levels of rigor and attention to detail required to ensure product quality and end-use reliability.

Proven Success Relies on Experience

Our longevity has given Meridian an unmatched wealth of experience in problem solving. We have a long history of remediating any and all product issues to optimize to the highest quality standards in our industry — a claim less-experienced competitors can’t make.

Our demonstrated full lifecycle follow through with combination product development and manufacturing empowers us to bring you results that are “right the first time” — every time.