Meridian Medical Technologies, LLC offers vertically integrated CDMO services covering the full spectrum of your combination product manufacturing needs. For end-to-end service from device ideation through commercialization, our 60+ years of experience make us the ideal partner to help ensure your product’s success.

You can think about our scope of services as falling into four primary categories: ideation, development, launch/life cycle management, and commercialization/post-commercialization.

Supporting Your End-to-End Combination Product Journey


  • Conceptualization
  • Virtual Modeling
  • Rapid Prototyping

You come to us with a drug-delivery need and we support you in conceiving, modeling, and prototyping combination product solutions. Whether you’re starting with just a pharmaceutical or you have some initial ideas of your own for drug-delivery prototypes you’d like us to help optimize, Meridian can help you take your idea from concept to market.


  • Formulation Development/Optimization
  • Device Development/Optimization
  • Human Factor Studies
  • Analytical Services
  • Clinical Supplies

Meridian offers formulation and device development, and we can also work with your existing formulations and device prototypes to further optimize and deliver your ideal market-ready product. As your end-to-end development and manufacturing partner, we coordinate and manage your human factor studies, analytical services, and clinical supply chain. We are designing to meet regulatory reliability of four- and five-nines.

Launch & Life Cycle Management

  • Scalable Commercial Production
  • Aseptic Fill and Finish
  • Serialization
  • Stability Programs
  • Continuous Improvement

We offer scalable service from the launch of your product through its complete life cycle. With more than 60 years’ experience as primary providers of aseptic fill and finish for combination products, you can rely on Meridian to produce field-ready products that are right the first time — whether for standard cartridges or specialized devices. We also handle all your serialization and product stability needs, and we’re committed to continuous improvement driven by both agencies and the ever-changing regulatory landscape.


  • Regulatory Support
  • Marketing
  • B2B and B2G Sales
  • Alliance Management

From our targeted combination product regulatory strategies and CMC support to six decades of commercial and governmental sales experience, call on Meridian to ensure that your product thrives in commercialization and post-commercialization through the end of its life cycle. Our alliance management service means that we wear many hats to provide full-spectrum, comprehensive support to ensure your product’s success, calling on our specialty experts and helping you address everything from customer concerns to regulatory questions and technical support.

Manufacture More Tomorrows With Meridian Medical Technologies: Your Vertically Integrated CDMO Partner

Many companies categorize ideation and development together, but here at Meridian, we like to give each the dedicated attention it deserves. We offer complete end-to-end support for your combination product, as well as a la carte support to meet your needs during any step of the development and manufacturing process.

During the innovation phase of your project, we’ll work with you to envision a product solution based on the administration requirements of your pharmaceutical. Then, we’ll create a prototype for your combination product through use of our proven patented technologies by optimizing your existing tech, or by conceptualizing an all-new device for your needs.

From there, we move into the development phase. While finalizing your pharmaceutical formulations, we’re working in partnership with you to develop and optimize the delivery system for your combination product. We also manage all aspects of your human factor studies, analytical services, and clinical supplies.

When it’s time to launch your combination product, we take care of all manufacturing, production, and quality-control needs to ensure this is a seamless and successful process — then we carry that commitment through to life cycle management throughout the course of your product’s lifetime.

Finally, Meridian handles all aspects of your combination product’s commercialization phase. We simplify and streamline the regulatory process both nationally and internationally — with flexibility to adapt to ever-changing regulations — and we facilitate B2B and B2G sales.

End-to-end services icons

We also offer alliance management — a service intended to meet your needs comprehensively as they arise, including making internal and external subject matter expert connections, navigating regulatory questions, providing technical support, offering guidance to help you answer your customers’ questions, and much more.

And remember: In addition to our full end-to-end combination product CDMO capabilities, Meridian can also meet you right where you are at any phase of your project. We’re ready to take your product across the finish line.